My Work

Fledgling Comics: a zine of collected comics

FLEDGLING COMICS is my zine of collected of comics. Click the image above to order. Also available for purchase at Quimby’s Bookstore – Chicago.

Listen for Instructions: a novel

My work-in-progress is LISTEN FOR INSTRUCTIONS, a novel-in-stories that includes illustrations. Click the image above to read an excerpt and a synopsis.

Pull: a micro essay

My micro-essay, “Pull” will appear in the anthology Nonwhite and Woman: 131 Micro Essays on Being in the World, edited by Darien Hsu Gee and Carla Crujido. Click the image above to learn more about the book.

First Time Kayaking: a short comic

What is Buried Beneath?: a tiny super flash zine

Typhoon Season, 1943: a short story

My story, “Typhoon Season, 1943” can be found in this wonderful online Asian American arts magazine, riksha. Click above to read my story and check out the magazine!

Piano: a tiny super flash zine

Invisible Labor: a small zine

My 100 Day Project: 5 Minutes on an Index Card

For 100 Days (1/31/21-5/10/21), I committed to spending at least 5 minutes of making. My tools were an index card and a black pen. Sometimes I folded the index cards into zines, or cut them up to make a spinning decoder, but most of the time, I drew a snippet from my daily life. You can view individual works at @beginners_shine on Instagram.

A is for Asian: a super flash comic/talk-story

I participated in a wonderful event called Talk Stories: An Asian American/Asian Diaspora Storytelling Show, organized by Ada Cheng and Randy Kim. Click the image above to see a recording of the show. There are many wonderful storytellers to watch. My story, “A is for Asian” begins around 35 minutes in.

Blessed Fruit: a short story

My story “Blessed Fruit” can be found in this fantastic anthology, Kuwento: lost things, an anthology of new philippine myths edited by Rachelle Cruz and Melissa Sipin. Click the image above to learn more about the book.

Loserville: a map

I had that blah, stuck, loser-ish feeling the other night, so I decided to map it out. Maybe it will help me find my way out sometimes. Ever feel like you’re wandering around in Loserville too?

Autonomous Region: a counter-map

A few weeks later, I revisited the map of Loserville, thinking, What is the way out of Loserville? At first, I thought it was an epic journey through the Caves of Self-Doubt to a promised land of Winnersville or something. But thoughts of decolonization, thoughts that try to reach beyond binaries of winning and losing, thoughts that resist Manifest Destiny type ideas of “discovering” and claiming more and more lands all coalesced into this map of AUTONOMOUS REGION: INTERIOR LAND. What if my work is not to get out of Loserville but to see it with new eyes, change my relationship with this interior land? And what if the monsters are really Guide-Protectors?

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